March for #HealthcareJustice on July 30th!

Medicare was signed into law on July 30th 1965 and today provides public health insurance for nearly 60 million people. It established the first federal single payer healthcare system in the United States and set the foundation for what could be a true universal healthcare system.

Unfortunately, 57 years later the United States is still far from the dream of just and universal healthcare. That is why this year we are using Medicare's birthday as both a celebration of what Medicare has accomplished, but also as a day of action in which we demand #HealthcareJustice in the form of National Improved Medicare for All.

This year there will be marches in July in multiple US cities - here are a couple that have asked to be listed on!

Is there a march in your city that you would like listed on this page? Send us an email!

Why march?

Marching for healthcare justice is perhaps more imporant now than it ever has been. Here are just a few reasons to show your support.

  1. It's Medicare's 57th birthday! Its accomplishments are worth celebrating.
  2. The COVID pandemic continues to impact our daily lives. A recent study showed that universal healthcare could have saved up to 330,000 lives.
  3. Medicare is currently under threat of privatization through the ACO REACH program started under Donald Trump and continued under Joe Biden.
  4. Roe V Wade was just overturned by the Supreme Court making it difficult or impossible for millions to receive an abortion. Medicare for All would remove all financial barriers for reproductive care.
  5. The midterm elections are just weeks away. Some ballots are already open. We need to make Medicare for All a core electoral issue this year.

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